Hi, I'm Emma,

Photographer, digital creative, yogi & mother of 3 boys.

Being a mother and my journey on the path of self-awareness have been – and continue to be – the greatest sources of inspiration in life. Motherhood is raw, vulnerable, and real, and my photography is a reflection of all of those things. It’s about finding beauty amidst the chaos, and capturing and embracing the messiness of everyday life.


Yoga has not only deepened the connection to myself and the world around me, but also with my creativity. This connection has greatly impacted my work and drives me to work with other like-hearted entrepreneurs.

Establishing a connection with any person I work with – be it in front of my lens, or on the mat – is crucial to me. My aim is to make you feel at ease, so you can be your true self, and I can capture your essence and convey your story through meaningful and authentic images.

My career in visual arts

I have been drawn to the visual arts since childhood. I developed my love for photography during my Bachelor’s studies in Concepts & Brands at AMFI. This passion was solidified during a three-year around-the-world trip in 2011, where I fell in love with capturing nature and unpolished beauty with my very first portrait lens that was gifted to me by my father.

In 2016, I began my freelance journey after honing my skills in Social Media, PR, and Advertising while working for companies like Hyves, MEC, and The Gardeners. Since then, I have delivered online content, creative concepts, and authentic photography to a diverse range of brands, studios, and agencies.

This was also the year that I resigned from my job in advertising and went to India for my first Yoga Teacher Training. Initially I thought I’d never work in advertising again, let alone someday merge these two paths them into one fulfilling occupation, but I’m so glad I did!

Want to see how we can join forces and collaborate? Reach out to me with your ideas!

Emma Brasser

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    I will help you immortalise those moments that can never be recreated. Together we will create a unique story that lasts forever.


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